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Commercial & Hospitality

The 3rd generation in LED lighting provides another new market with added-value light sources for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting.

Creating a Better World Through Advanced LED Lighting

Light Engine strives to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs and improve productivity to help alleviate the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. We are leading the way into a new era of environmentally and human-friendly LED lighting.

Light Engine is a technology leader in thermal management, optical technology, power supplies, and lighting controls. We produce our cutting-edge LED lighting products in one of the most reliable LED production facilities in the world, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality and reliability across our entire line of products.
We also endeavor to provide ideal lighting solutions for designers and architects, with minimalistic forms to accommodate any design masterpiece.

Innovations in Commercial & Hospitality

Multi-purposed commercial lightings

Illuminates the space and, in the meantime, it provides extraordinary air purifying efficiency while accommodating the sanitizing area’s size, thanks to the sophisticated filtration system of the PURA PANEL.


Green Airport Lighting.
40% at least in energy saving

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is one of the most hustle and bustle airports globally. There were more than 54 million passengers who used HKIA last year. We are proud of being selected as their lighting solution provider. We have supplied more than ten thousand pieces of LED lighting products in various locations at the HKIA.


Refurbish energy-saving light
in public housing areas

Since 2016, the Hong Kong Housing Authority started to refurbish all standard luminaires for communal areas of domestic blocks in all new works projects, aiming to achieve at least 40% energy saving in all public houses.

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