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  • Light Engine Built Momentum Upon Earth Hour 2024

    Light Engine Limited joined forces and supported WWF’s global movement “Earth Hour” on 23 March 2024 to shine a light on climate change. On top of making a corporate pledge on the WWF website, we shed light on the importance of environmental protection and encourage our partners, suppliers, staff to turn on green actions into daily practices to cultivate a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Light Engine named “EcoPartner” & “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” at BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership

    Light Engine has been honoured as an “Eco Partner” and “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” by the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2021 in recognition of our implementation on one of our energy conservation projects in 2020 for protecting the environment. Organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong), the Awards aim to promote active participation in eco-conscious business practices among the manufacturing, services and property management enterprises in Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River Delta (Pan-PRD) region to further reduce eco-footprints in these communities.

  • We donate UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "Pok Oi Hospital Chan Feng Men Ling Care & Attention Home"

    We are sad that care homes have become the epicenter of Hong Kong’s worst-ever outbreak. Recently we have donated the REALCLEAN UV-C Air Sanitizer for Pok Oi Hospital Chan Feng Men Ling Care & Attention Home to enhance their protection, hoping to safeguard the elderlies against germs and viruses. Stay Positive. Test Negative! 在香港有史以來最嚴重疫情的期間,養老院成為了病毒的目標。我們衷心感激銀髮族年輕時候的付出,現在我們是時候回報了。 我們為博愛醫院陳馮曼玲護理安老院 捐贈了自家產品 REALCLEAN UV-C 空氣消毒機,希望增加對中心的保護。 #codahk#airpurifiers#health#indoorairquality#community#lightengine#Realclean#RealcleanAirSanitizer#optiledhk#uvcdisinfection#守護銀髮族

  • Light Engine Ltd. (Optiled) donates UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "Against Child Abuse"

    When the outbreak pandemic is risking our health, we can't help but want to do something about it. So we did! By donating 12 Realclean UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "Against Child Abuse" a non-profit organization specializing in child protection, the center is now equipped with air sanitizers, keeping the virus load permanently low in order to protect the staff and clients.

  • GP Industries Associate to Acquire Light Engine Limited for $140 Million

    We would like to announce that GP Industries' (G20) associated company, Linkz Industries, has agreed to a #investment #cquire Light Engine Technologies from United Luminous International for HK$1.10 billion ($140.4 million). Hong Kong-based Light Engine is an investment holding company engaged in the development, production, and sales of light-emitting diode lighting products and modules. Linkz Industries said the acquisition would strengthen its position in the LED lighting market, according to a late Thursday disclosure. Source:

  • Light Engine Ltd. (Optiled) donates UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "CODA" Hong Kong"

    UV-C Air Sanitizer for Children of Deaf Adults "CODA" Hong Kong. We have donated our Realclean UV-C Air Sanitizers, hoping to increase the protection for the staff and visitors. 我們捐出自家產品 Realclean UV-C 空氣消毒機給香港聾人子女協會 “CODA”, 希望籍此增加對員工和訪客的保護, 使機構於疫情下繼續為社區服務。 #codahk #airpurifiers #health #indoorairquality #community #lightengine #Realclean #RealcleanAirSanitizer #optiledhk #uvcdisinfection

  • Light Engine participated in the first annual ICUDAS to share UV-C technology

    Light Engine is going to participate to the ICUDAS 2020 (International Conference on Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection For Air and Surfaces. The Virtual Conference will be held on 8-9 December (EST). We will showcase our high safety standard brand REAL CLEAN Air Purifier, which can be installed anywhere in the room with easy maintenance and a range of UVC LED sterilizer enclosures for different applications from professionals to consumers. In addition, we will offer an overview of our OEM capabilities for UV-C PCB Assembly services. Please come to us (3/F) to learn more! ICUDAS 2020: Contact us by email to:

  • Light Engine has awarded "10 years+ Caring Company Award"

    We are pleased to announce that Light Engine has obtained the recognition, 10 years+ Caring Company (2007~2021) from Caring Company Scheme organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Launched in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme aims to foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all our staff's support in all social responsible programs and we'll continue to join hands to work together for corporate citizenship.

  • Automation solution that is compatible with various lighting control protocols

    Light Engine is the most reliable partner for joint-design, joint-development and manufacturing services to global LED lighting leaders. Light Engine’s R&D team possesses the technical know-how and the operation system experience in working towards the smart wireless lighting system. We help our clients to develop a scalable, affordable and user-friendly automation solution that is compatible with various lighting control protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Dali, Zwave and etc. Our lighting products are available in an extensive range of shapes, styles, wattages, CCT & lighting control protocols which fits both residential and commercial projects. For more information, please visit: Contact us by email to:

  • Portfolio of Issued Patents: CabLED

    Portfolio of Issued Patents : CabLED - Integrally Formed Single Piece Light Emitting Diode Light Wire and Uses Thereof For more product information, please visit You may also download the PDF by clicking the hyperlink below:

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