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  • Light Engine named “EcoPartner” & “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” at BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership

    Light Engine has been honoured as an “Eco Partner” and “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” by the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2021 in recognition of our implementation on one of our energy conservation projects in 2020 for protecting the environment. Organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong), the Awards aim to promote active participation in eco-conscious business practices among the manufacturing, services and property management enterprises in Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River Delta (Pan-PRD) region to further reduce eco-footprints in these communities.

  • We make differences

    💡We make differences With 40+ years of pursuit of excellence and dedication in R&D and manufacturing, Light Engine optimizes all projects with the best-in-class elements. 1. Best on Cost - We have the most extensive sourcing network globally, which allows comparing and sourcing of the best-in-value parts to optimize BOM costs. 2. Best on Time - We are capable of shortening the sourcing time due to close-relationship with suppliers. Meanwhile, our 2,000sqm Solid-State Lighting Certification & Testing Center helps test the feasibility of the studies to optimize the development schedule. 3. Best on Assurance - Our laboratory is recognized as Intertek's Satellite Laboratory and is "Energy Star" accredited. In addition, the laboratory is recognized by UL & CE WTDP and IEC62471, ensuring that every project will be successfully certified. 4. Best on Quality - We have an R&D center and laboratory officially accredited by the "China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment" to ensure that every project we manage can deliver best-in-class quality. Our website: Feel free to DM us or comment below!! #LightEngine#Qualityoflife#smartcity#RnDcenter#manufacturing

  • We donate UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "Pok Oi Hospital Chan Feng Men Ling Care & Attention Home"

    We are sad that care homes have become the epicenter of Hong Kong’s worst-ever outbreak. Recently we have donated the REALCLEAN UV-C Air Sanitizer for Pok Oi Hospital Chan Feng Men Ling Care & Attention Home to enhance their protection, hoping to safeguard the elderlies against germs and viruses. Stay Positive. Test Negative! 在香港有史以來最嚴重疫情的期間,養老院成為了病毒的目標。我們衷心感激銀髮族年輕時候的付出,現在我們是時候回報了。 我們為博愛醫院陳馮曼玲護理安老院 捐贈了自家產品 REALCLEAN UV-C 空氣消毒機,希望增加對中心的保護。 #codahk#airpurifiers#health#indoorairquality#community#lightengine#Realclean#RealcleanAirSanitizer#optiledhk#uvcdisinfection#守護銀髮族

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  • Smart Product OEM ODM | Light Engine | Hong Kong

    A PROMISED FUTURE from LIGHT ENGINE A PROMISED FUTURE from LIGHT ENGINE Professional engineering consultation Advanced technology applications Extensive sourcing network Sophisticated & Certified laboratory Comprehensive manufacturing supports The depletion of the world’s natural resources. The problem was never solved, indeed, becoming more serious. Light Engine is aware of it and strives to apply innovative technologies, in order to increase the human world’s natural capabilities, bridging the gap between sustainability targets and urban development strategies. Feeding the world sustainability Light Engine applies technologies and creates products for the horticulture market with a mission to help increase green product production with great return on investment (ROI) in an environmental yet progressive manner. ​ ​ ​ Read more Increase production rates and raise healthy poultry Lighting is one of the most important farming inputs influencing the production of meat, egg production, and other protein sources. Also, the spectrum of light plays a crucial role in incubation and raising healthy chicks, ducks, and turkeys. ​ ​ ​ Read more Combat virus for a cleaner environment Sanitization and disinfection are becoming a norm for humans within city infrastructure, and residential and commercial applications in the post-Covid-19 world. UV-C LED’s efficiency is gradually catching up with the market. ​ ​ ​ Read more Smart Control for Energy Efficiency There is an increasing ecosystem or architecture for IoT deployment across verticals. The connection of everything resulted in astronomical growth in market volume. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to unlock more innovation and revenue streams in many industries. ​ ​ Read more Smart Control for Energy Efficiency Service providers like the petrol stations are consuming 24/7 electricity on lighting. Integrating the network into a wireless control protocol provides flexibility to schedule the light and dim down when not necessary for energy saving. ​ ​ ​ Read more Light source 3.0 for commercial and hospitality Converting conventional lighting to retrofit energy-saving solutions to support sustainability, and people wellness initiatives, improve productivity, help reinforce your brand to clients, and most important, help save up to 75% of your energy use and costs. ​ ​ Read more

  • Green Airport Lighting. 40% at least in energy saving | Light Engine

    Close Next Next Green Airport Lighting – Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Target to be one of the world’s greenest airports and a top-three environmental performer in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has adopted a diverse range of green initiatives in its daily operation and development processes. ​ While the aviation industry only accounts for 2% of the carbon emissions resulted from human activities worldwide, the HKIA community jointly made a pledge of reducing carbon emissions by 25% per workload unit years ago. The energy saving program has been drawn and the project of replacing traditional lightings with 81,000 LED lighting units in the passenger terminals. ​ The program has undergone in August 2011, HKIA has retrofitted 24,500 lighting fixtures with LEDs to save 3.9 million kWh and 2,200 tones of carbon emissions per year. Facilities/locations has completely retrofitted with LEDs include directional signs in Terminal, general line in Baggage Reclaim Hall and T1 Automated People Mover (APM) platforms. ​ The Hong Kong International Airport has retrofit high power metal halide floodlights with LEDs with power consumption greater than 100W. This project achieved at least 40% energy saving while maintaining good performance of the lighting system in terms of illuminance level and uniformity and provide a comfortable environment for the passengers. The deployment of high power LED is a significant milestone in the development of LED as the present domestic market only focuses on small power LED. Contact us for more information

  • Instant ambiance changes with an effortless fingertip | Light Engine

    Close Next Next Instant ambiance changes with an easy fingertip Smart Swimming Pool Light for the US and European Markets Smart Swimming Pool Light for the leading Commercial Aquatics Company and Brand in the US The high-power swimming pool light in 120V LED replacement bulb upgrades standard incandescent pool lights to vibrant, color-rich, energy-efficient LEDs. Can change to warm or cool hue lighting with an easy fingertip remotely - no rewiring or fixture replacement for installation. Contact us for more information

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