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    Health and Wellbeing Lighting Solutions in Healthcare Sector Professional lighting in the healthcare sector has a high standard of requirement in providing adequate illumination for professionals and works to efficiently facilitate their jobs while creating a comforting and safe environment for the patients. Light Engine takes the concerns on both sides to develop specialized lighting solutions to achieve this goal and much more. Innovations in Healthcare and Well-being Professional glare-free lighting Lighting in the healthcare industry requires high-standard lighting quality in terms of efficacy, evenly light distribution, and reliable and glare-free lighting to provide visual comfort to medical professionals and patients. With Light Engine's premium lighting solution and fixture, it can satisfy the needs on both sides. Read more Combat virus for a cleaner environment Sanitization and disinfection are becoming a norm for humans within city infrastructure, and residential and commercial applications in the post-Covid-19 world. UV-C LED’s efficiency is gradually catching up with the market. Read more Destroy 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 PURA-Panel illuminates the space and, in the meantime, it provides extraordinary air purifying efficiency while accommodating the sanitizing area’s size, thanks to the sophisticated filtration system, which includes pre-filters UV-C and the patented PACO filter. Read more

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    A PROMISED FUTURE from LIGHT ENGINE Our critical problem – the depletion of the world’s natural resources. The problem was never solved, indeed, becoming more serious. Light Engine is aware of it and strives to apply innovative technologies, in order to increase the human world’s natural capabilities, bridging the gap between sustainability targets and urban development strategies. Professional engineering consultation Sophisticated & Certified testing laboratory Advanced technology applications Comprehensive manufacturing supports Extensive sourcing network Experienced industrial design team Contact us if we have the same ambition Contact us Innovations in Agriculture & Poultry Feeding the world sustainability Light Engine applies technologies and creates products for the horticulture market with a mission to help increase green product production with great return on investment (ROI) in an environmental yet progressive manner. ​ ​ Read more Customized Spectrum. Optimizing Crops Lighting is an essential element for plant growth. The most commonly used spectrum includes red (R), white (W), and blue (B) lights that are highly active for photosynthesis. The effect of R, W and B spectral components on plant physiology and biochemistry and resource use efficiency were studied during an experiment in a deep cycle hydroponic tray system. ​ Read more Increase production rates and raise healthy poultry Lighting is one of the most important farming inputs influencing the production of meat, egg production, and other protein sources. Also, the spectrum of light plays a crucial role in incubation and raising healthy chicks, ducks, and turkeys. ​ Read more Smart Control for Energy Efficiency Service providers like the petrol stations are consuming 24/7 electricity on lighting. Integrating the network into a wireless control protocol provides flexibility to schedule the light and dim down when not necessary for energy saving. ​ ​ ​ ​ Read more Combat virus for a cleaner environment Sanitization and disinfection are becoming a norm for humans within city infrastructure, and residential and commercial applications in the post-Covid-19 world. UV-C LED’s efficiency is gradually catching up with the market. ​ ​ Read more Light source 3.0 for commercial and hospitality Converting conventional lighting to retrofit energy-saving solutions to support sustainability, and people wellness initiatives, improve productivity, help reinforce your brand to clients, and most important, help save up to 75% of your energy use and costs. ​ ​ Read more

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    Modular Lights PCBA / Module Lights Light Engine products comprise self-developed, proprietary, energy-saving systems that reduce energy consumption, cut CO2 emissions and, as a result, enable our customers to recover their investment costs quickly and efficiently. FLEXIBLE & RELIABLE Tell us what you need Contact us Extensive Applications Light is not just for illumination. It also plays a crucial role in machines, devices and finished goods. At Light Engine, we provide you with the intelligent lighting you need to help you realize your ideas and turn them into exceptional products. Fridge & Vending Machine Lighting Solutions Light Engine creates lighting solutions for fridges and vending machines that help customers to facilitate greater ROIs via merchandises sales. High CRI up to 95 is the closest light to natural sunlight. It illuminates merchandise in refrigerators and vending machines more vividly, clearly, vibrantly. Enhanced Rendering of R9 (Red) up to 73 is the best color temperature in fridges or vending machines to catch the customer's eye and gain attention. High efficacy at 130 lm/w and high CRI on fixture levels. Custom optics design to accommodate customers' wishes on lighting requirements. UV-C Disinfection maintains a virus-free in-fridge environment. Automotive Lighting Solutions Light Engine has been assessed and certified as meeting the International Automotive Task Force “IATF 16949” requirements, which ensure that all automotive lighting products and solutions are up to standard. ​ Our lighting solutions have been used in renowned automotive brands, including FORD, BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, Aston Martin, Pontiac, Buick, Mercury, Saturn, Hummer, and more. Pachinko Parlors and Casino Light Engine has been helping global casinos and pachinko parlors in Japan on many different light projects, from gaming floor lighting to machine flash and mood lighting. Our products strictly follow local rules and regulation requirements to provide above-standard bright lights or mood lights for a more engaging atmosphere. Schedule an appointment with our sales representative to discuss how we can help your industry or business with our lighting applications.

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    Close Next Next Keep connected, anywhere, remotely Light Engine’s R&D team has a wealth of technical know-how, and operational systems software experience working towards smart wireless connected lighting. We have created lights for global top-tier lighting brand to create smart IoT lighting, below are the project recaps. ​ Smart LED Desk Lamp won the iF, Reddot & Good Design Awards in 2017, which support Siri and other voice-recognition commands to control light. Compatible with iOS & Android. ​​ Circadian Bedside Light for the US is a smart bedside lamp that brings a natural night shift to the bedroom for the best sleeping quality. ​​ Smart LED Bedside Lamp won the Reddot Awards in 2019. The lamp supports Apple Homekit and voice recognition command, with Wake-Up Light features that intimate sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. ​​ Smart Makeup Mirror with LED Lamp. Light to Render Your Beauty with the Smart Makeup mirror light includes Smart Sensor, Close to Natural Lighting Color Temperature, 3 Lighting Modes, and USB Charging. ​​ Smart LED Light Bulb for tier-one China electronic brand. It support mobile app control and voice-recognition to control light. Compatible with iOS & Android. Contact us for more information

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    R&D Expertise Leading the Way in Innovation The key to Light Engine's global success has always been the company's constant innovation and relentless commitment to R&D. With hundreds of patents to our name and a strong base of optical design, power electronics, and mechanical design technologies, Light Engine today has one of the most modern LED lighting factories in the world. Light Engine is also committed to cutting lighting operating costs for users with its proprietary integrated energy saving systems that reduce energy use and cut CO2 emissions. ​ Light Engine's 700 sqm. R&D center is located in Hong Kong and staffed by highly qualified international teams of optical, electronic and mechanical R&D experts dedicated to cultivating the latest technology developments and market trends. As a result, Light Engine has succeeded in building a portfolio of exceptionally innovative products. Engineering Capability - Laboratory Services Execute UL, CE certification testing, witness program with 3rd lab. Reliability testing EMC pre-compliance testing Photometry measurement, recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) Long term life testing UL, CE certification testing, electrical safety, impact, ball pressure, temperature rise testings Product level photometry measurement, 2 meter, 3 meter integration sphere, accurate luminous flux and spectrum measurement IP 54, 65, 66, 67, 68 waterproof and dust penetration testings Dimming/Flickering measurement ​ ​ ​ Metallic material salt-spray testing Light device degradation measurement over time Color difference measurement Plastic flammability testing ​ ​ Light distribution measurement : goniophotometer, general IES file, UGR reading, uniformity, intensity measurement UVC power density measurement ​ Vibration/Drop testing for packing design ​ ​ Simulated sunlight UV testing 3 meter anechoic chamber ​ LED wire bonding quality analysis Discrete LED measurement: flux, spectrum, forward current, leakage current testing Advanced PPF/PPE measurement system for high power LED plant growth lighting fixture and with various spectrum Photo-biological safety ​ -100 ~ 200 deg C temperature chamber for temperature shock, temperature cycle together with humidity control testing Coating thickness measurement EMC pre-compliance, conduction EMI, radiated EMI measurement Certificate compilance engineering service Engineering Capability - Laboratory Services Industrial Design Power Electronics Optical Designs Customized Spectrum Automation Control

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    Power Electronics General block diagram of the dimmable PSU Saves energy by dimming to minimize excess or unused light Dims directly and smoothly with triac dimmers. No flickering or flashing Simulates the dimming curve of incandescent lamps Low LED current ripple (i.e. flickering) even at deep dimming Switching LED IC Increases working life by eliminating electrolytic capacitors and opto-isolators EMI free circuit design eliminates EMC filter components Significantly reduces component count, size and cost Integrates the PSU and LEDs on a single PCB which simplifies product structure All LEDs are on during deep dimming 1st generation 2nd generation 3rd generation Retrofit Tubes Fully compatible with all kinds of input power sources or T8 FL lamps. Leading technology: Compatible with electronic ballast, electro-magnetic ballast and AC mains voltage (100VAC-230VAC) Easy installation, saves time and installation costs: Direct replacement requires no modification to existing lighting fixtures Stable performance: Provides a constant, reliable light output regardless of the type of input power sources.

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    Horticulture and Livestock We make a difference in the world's lighting for agriculture By leveraging years of knowledge and expertise in the lighting industry, we invented specialized lighting solutions to provide a holistic approach to horticulture, with the overall aim of increasing yield, lowering cultivation costs as well as overcoming seasonal, weather, and climate constraints. Global pioneer and leader Light Engine is a global pioneer and leader in advanced LED technologies. Through vertical integration, continuous investment in research and development, and superior manufacturing capabilities for customized production, Light Engine has established a proven track record for bringing the best quality products to the Global market. Deep-rooted knowledge of crops Light Engine is collaborating with the professional greenhouse and horticultural lighting researchers in the Netherland, a joint force to invent advanced light products with a specific spectrum that optimize crops yields. Field-test in Organic Farm, California Light Engine has an in-house organic farm in San Diego Terra Madre Garden in Southern California to test the optimal growth levels of different plants in terms of reliable and consistent yields and to determine the most effective spectrum for each growth phase. International quality with commitment Light Engine is committed to making your brand successful and to build together with you a mutual fruitful long-term cooperation, with international quality products and service. OPPORTUNITIES FOR GROWTH The Future of Global Grow Light Market According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), "Horticulture Lighting Marketing information by Technology, lighting Type, Cultivation, By Application, by Region - Forecast till 2027", the market size to reach USD 7,878.4 growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16.41% by 2026. Global Grow Light Market was valued at USD2.3 billion and is expected to reach USD6 billion by 2025 and grow at a CAGR of 21.4% over the forecast period, 2021-2025. Key factors driving the grow lights market growth include increasing government support for the adoption of solid-state lighting technology and controlled- environment agriculture (CEA) practices, growing investments in projects related to vertical farms and greenhouses, ongoing legalization of cannabis cultivation in different regions across the globe, and rising adoption of indoor farming in urban areas. Want to know more about the horticultural market in future? Contact us Revolutionizing agricultural industry by technologies As the world's population number continues to soar, and most people now living in urban areas, the problem of providing healthy, affordable food for everyone will become an ever-increasing challenging. In order to feed this growing urban population, vertical farms could be potentially beneficial in increasing food production, maintaining high quality, safety, and contributing to sustainable food supplies. This means that horticultural lighting will become indispensable. Smart Horticultural Lighting Solutions LED lights are set to transform the horticulture industry by optimizing crop yields and costs in vertical farms. Light Engine’s LED horticultural lighting offers the opportunity to precisely control spectral composition with low heat emission and effective lighting output for years, without the need for frequent replacements. LED delivers less heat and increases the overall saving A “long lifetime” can be on average 35,000 hours. LED saves up to 40% energy compared with traditional HID lighting. Smart design with custom lighting and mechanical elements. Growth with Photoperiod​s Photoperiod refers to the amount of light provided to the plants in a period of 24-hours. By applying horticultural lighting solutions, we can change photoperiods to trigger the flowering or fruiting growth phase at any time. The horticultural lights that provide the correct spectrum within the Photosynthetically Active Radiation “PAR” correspond to the light intensities and light wavelengths that facilitate plant growth and optimize crop yields, thus overcoming the limitations of sunlight during the day. Selected Spectrum for Optimum Growth Spectrum for “PAR” Both visible and invisible lights fall somewhere on a spectrum (measured in nanometers) and correspond to the wavelength of light. The particular spectrum band that we care about as indoor growers in the 400-700 nanometer range, also known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation, “PAR”. This refers to the wavelengths of light that plants can actually use for all of the processes related to photosynthesis. Within this band of light, there are sub-sections that plants use for specific purposes. Light Intensity & Footprint On top of the spectrum of light "PAR" for plant growth, the light intensity and footprint of the growth lights are also crucial to successful indoor cultivation. The intensity of the growth lighting can vary widely depending on the type of light and the way that we position the lights. The footprint of the growth light refers to how much surface area it covers. The further away the growth light is installed from the plants, the greater the footprint, but the lower the intensity. Picking a suitable growth light and getting the placement correct is a delicate balancing act between the heat output, intensity, and the overall footprint of the light. Innovations in Agriculture & Poultry Diversified solutions for all types of farm Light Engine has partnered with the world-top tier brand in the horticultural industry to create solutions for a higher yield and quality crops and predictable growth. Read more Proven result in hemp growth The latest LED grow-light solution by Light Engine has been deployed in various trials farms within America. According to the farm report, the new grow-light solution has increased the yield up to 72%, with different installation methods. Read more Customized Spectrum. Optimizing Crops Lighting is an essential element for plant growth. The most commonly used spectrum includes red (R), white (W), and blue (B) lights that are highly active for photosynthesis. The effect of R, W and B spectral components on plant physiology and biochemistry and resource use efficiency were studied during an experiment in a deep cycle hydroponic tray system. ​ Read more

  • Industrial Design l Light Engine

    Industrial Design Heat Sink Design on Shovel Tooth Technology A well-designed thermal management system is critical for the longevity of all LED products, especially when developing high-power LED lighting products such as street light cities and the 1200W high-power grow light for greenhouse. Our industrial designers work closely with the R&D team to design a highly reliable thermal management module, by taking serious account in minimizing weight, reduced production cost, and maximizing the efficiency of heat dissipation. Fins are connected to the heat sink body, directly, no interface media​ Without interfacing medium, high long term reliability Shovel tooth technology can handle thinner fins, higher heat sinking efficiency Spacing of fins can also be adjusted flexibly, strong adaptability tools Short turn around time Heat Pipe Technology Maximizes thermal performance and brightness Able to handle extremely high levels of heat density Increases product life-time Enables compact, unique and highly efficient heat sink – Anti-glare AR111 lamps meet pre-defined dimensions and cost targets Engraved AL PCB metal heat conduction High power LED Direct metal to metal heat conduction Center bar made of heat pipe, best heat transfer via heat pipe Plastic Housing Technology Simplified mechanical structure Minimum mechanical post processing (low cost) Electrical insulation (non-accessible metal) Suitable for high voltage LED and non-insulated PSU Light weight Elegant Streamlined Design for Street Lighting Innovative curved glass cover simplifies cleaning Sophisticated parallel fins and smooth top surface maximizes self-cleaning Light weight single die-cast housing (9.9kg) improves the safety of the installation Highly efficient heat dissipation

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    Customized Spectrum Custom Lighting Spectrum Light color and spectrum is the result of additive color mixing - by varying the relative amounts of each color input, the resulting SPD and chromaticity can be manipulated. A precise custom light spectrum can help optimizing the result in different activities, such as increase growth and reproduction in horticulture and livestock industry, or enhance human health and concentration. Agricultural Lighting Wavelength of about 450 nm, blue light promote plant germination, and succulent plants growing. The relationship between spectrum and plant growth Wavelength of about 630 nm, red light promote plant photosynthesis, blooming, flowering and results. Aquarium Lighting RGB color mixing technology offers a range of multiple solutions for different application such as: aquariums, aqua plants, coral reefs, ornamental fish tanks, fish ponds, etc. Check for the perfect light spectrum to achieve your goals Contact us Human-Centric Light Since different user segments enjoy different daily routines, thus the objectives of circadian light should be varied. A custom-made dynamic lighting solution curated by Monash University, which aims for the best of a human’s biological rhythm, also know as internal clock. ​ Adults, short sleepers with goal to prevent delayed circadian timing. ​ Elderly with limited daytime light with goal to enhance daytime light exposure for alertness & stronger circadian signal.

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    Light Engine Industrial Park Light Engine Industrial Park Light Engine’s factory in Huizhou, China is currently one of the largest factories in China totally dedicated to high-quality LED lighting technology. With an international R&D team bringing expertise from around the world, Light Engine is at the forefront of product innovation. The production lines employ advanced digital production and automation processes supported by a fully-accredited central testing laboratory which is recognized by the “Energy Star”, “UL” & “CE” WTDP (Witness Testing Data Program) and Intertek’s Satellite Laboratory to ensure compliance with all international and local standards. SMT Production Line