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Widely Used LED Bulkheads in public housing areas
  • LEDs have the longest life span in the lighting industry. The average LED light bulb lasts 6 times longer than the average CFL bulb. Besides, LEDs cost anywhere from 40% to 90% less than fluorescents to run. At the same time, LEDs do not generate excess heat, which can add a substantial amount of money to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning bill. 

  • Since early 2016, we have adopted LED bulkheads as standard luminaires for communal areas of domestic blocks in all new works projects under planning or design. Starting from 2019/20, LED bulkheads have been adopted in communal areas of existing PRH blocks during the breakdown maintenance. In addition, LED Exit Signs and Directional Signs have been adopted in new developments tendered out in or after 2019.

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