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Automation Controls

Compatibility of Different Lighting Control Protocols

Light Engine is working toward LED lighting solutions that are fully compatible with all Building Management Control Systems.


Compatibility of different lighting control protocols – Several much used lighting protocols in Building Management Control System include DALI, PWM, 1-10V, etc. In order to work with those control systems, all LED lighting products being designed are compatible with these protocols.

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Coordinates several sub-systems in such a way to increase the overall flexibility and efficiency of the lighting installation. 


Self-developed integrated ESS (Energy Saving System)

Self-developed integrated LED tubes & bulkheads with ESS (Energy Saving System) sensors for ultimate energy savings.

  • Seamlessly integrated into LED lighting products to deliver genuine cost savings of 60% and more for a faster return on investment (ROI)

  • Provides up to 3,5000 hours of lamp life with low maintenance

  • Great design and high-quality lighting performance

  • Higher efficiency, further reduces carbon emission

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Wireless connected lighting

Light Engine is working towards innovative wireless connected lighting, which offers a scalable, affordable, and easy-to-install home automation lighting solution for general consumers.


Street light energy management solutions

Street light energy management is designed to reduce energy consumption by managing public road lighting effectively to deliver precisely the right level of lighting in the right place at the right time. Dimming systems are ideal means of saving energy without adversely affecting either light uniformity or safety.

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