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PCBA / Module Lights


PCBA / Module Lights

Light Engine products comprise self-developed, proprietary, energy-saving systems that reduce energy consumption, cut CO2 emissions and, as a result, enable our customers to recover their investment costs quickly and efficiently.

Extensive Applications

Light is not just for illumination. It also plays a crucial role in machines, devices and finished goods. At Light Engine, we provide you with the intelligent lighting you need to help you realize your ideas and turn them into exceptional products.


Fridge & Vending Machine Lighting Solutions

Light Engine creates lighting solutions for fridges and vending machines that help customers to facilitate greater ROIs via merchandises sales.


  • High CRI up to 95 is the closest light to natural sunlight. It illuminates merchandise in refrigerators and vending machines more vividly, clearly, vibrantly.  

  • Enhanced Rendering of R9 (Red) up to 73 is the best color temperature in fridges or vending machines to catch the customer's eye and gain attention. 

  • High efficacy at 130 lm/w and high CRI on fixture levels.

  • Custom optics design to accommodate customers' wishes on lighting requirements.

  • UV-C Disinfection maintains a virus-free in-fridge environment.

Automotive Lighting Solutions

Light Engine has been assessed and certified as meeting the International Automotive Task Force “IATF 16949” requirements, which ensure that all automotive lighting products and solutions are up to standard.

Our lighting solutions have been used in renowned automotive brands, including FORD, BMW, Chevrolet, Toyota, Aston Martin, Pontiac, Buick, Mercury, Saturn, Hummer, and more.


Pachinko Parlors and Casino

Light Engine has been helping global casinos and pachinko parlors in Japan on many different light projects, from gaming floor lighting to machine flash and mood lighting. Our products strictly follow local rules and regulation requirements to provide above-standard bright lights or mood lights for a more engaging atmosphere.

Schedule an appointment with our sales representative to discuss how we can help your industry or business with our lighting applications.

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