Power Electronics
General block diagram of the dimmable PSU
  • Saves energy by dimming to minimize excess or unused light

  • Dims directly and smoothly with triac dimmers. No flickering or flashing

  • Simulates the dimming curve of incandescent lamps

  • Low LED current ripple (i.e. flickering) even at deep dimming

Switching LED IC
  • Increases working life by eliminating electrolytic capacitors and opto-isolators

  • EMI free circuit design eliminates EMC filter components

  • Significantly reduces component count, size and cost

  • Integrates the PSU and LEDs on a single PCB which simplifies product structure

  • All LEDs are on during deep dimming


1st generation

2nd generation

3rd generation

Retrofit Tubes
  • Fully compatible with all kinds of input power sources or T8 FL lamps.

  • Leading technology: Compatible with electronic ballast, electro-magnetic ballast and AC mains voltage (100VAC-230VAC)

  • Easy installation, saves time and installation costs: Direct replacement requires no modification to existing lighting fixtures

  • Stable performance: Provides a constant, reliable light output regardless of the type of input power sources.