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Industrial Design

Heat Sink Design on Shovel Tooth Technology

A well-designed thermal management system is critical for the longevity of all LED products, especially when developing high-power LED lighting products such as street light cities and the 1200W high-power grow light for greenhouse.  Our industrial designers work closely with the R&D team to design a highly reliable thermal management module, by taking serious account in minimizing weight, reduced production cost, and maximizing the efficiency of heat dissipation.

  • Fins are connected to the heat sink body, directly, no interface media​

  • Without interfacing medium, high long term reliability

  • Shovel tooth technology can handle thinner fins, higher heat sinking efficiency

  • Spacing of fins can also be adjusted flexibly, strong adaptability tools

  • Short turn around time

iStock_000013016158Medium 拷貝.jpg

Heat Pipe Technology

  • Maximizes thermal performance and brightness

  • Able to handle extremely high levels of heat density

  • Increases product life-time

  • Enables compact, unique and highly efficient heat sink – Anti-glare AR111 lamps meet pre-defined dimensions and cost targets

Engraved AL PCB

metal heat conduction

High power LED

Direct metal to metal heat conduction

Center bar made of heat pipe, best heat transfer via heat pipe

Engraved AL PCB (OD-A1).png
2 grsphics (OD-A3).png
High power LED (OD-A2).png
GL600 E27 Front side02_edited.png

Plastic Housing Technology

  • Simplified mechanical structure

  • Minimum mechanical post processing (low cost)

  • Electrical insulation (non-accessible metal)

  • Suitable for high voltage LED and non-insulated PSU Light weight

Elegant Streamlined Design for Street Lighting


Innovative curved glass cover simplifies cleaning

Sophisticated parallel fins and smooth top surface maximizes self-cleaning


Light weight single die-cast housing (9.9kg) improves the safety of the installation


Highly efficient heat dissipation

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