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R&D Expertise

Leading the Way in Innovation

The key to Light Engine's global success has always been the company's constant innovation and relentless commitment to R&D. With hundreds of patents to our name and a strong base of optical design, power electronics, and mechanical design technologies, Light Engine today has one of the most modern LED lighting factories in the world. Light Engine is also committed to cutting lighting operating costs for users with its proprietary integrated energy saving systems that reduce energy use and cut CO2 emissions. ​


Light Engine's 700 sqm. R&D center is located in Hong Kong and staffed by highly qualified international teams of optical, electronic and mechanical R&D experts dedicated to cultivating the latest technology developments and market trends. As a result, Light Engine has succeeded in building a portfolio of exceptionally innovative products.

Engineering Capability - Laboratory Services


Execute UL, CE certification testing, witness program with 3rd lab.


Reliability testing


EMC pre-compliance testing


Photometry measurement, recognized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment  (CNAS)


Long term life testing

UL, CE certification testing, electrical safety, impact, ball pressure, temperature rise testings

Product level photometry measurement, 2 meter, 3 meter integration sphere, accurate luminous flux and spectrum measurement

IP 54, 65, 66, 67, 68 waterproof and dust penetration testings

Dimming/Flickering measurement

Metallic material salt-spray testing

Light device degradation

measurement over time

Color difference measurement

Plastic flammability testing

Light distribution measurement : goniophotometer, general IES file, UGR reading, uniformity, intensity measurement

UVC power density measurement

Vibration/Drop testing for

packing design

Simulated sunlight UV testing

3 meter anechoic chamber

LED wire bonding quality analysis

Discrete LED measurement: flux, spectrum, forward current, leakage current testing

Advanced PPF/PPE measurement system for high power LED plant growth lighting fixture

and with various spectrum

Photo-biological safety

-100 ~ 200 deg C temperature chamber for temperature shock,

temperature cycle together with humidity control testing

Coating thickness measurement

EMC pre-compliance, conduction EMI, radiated EMI measurement

Certificate compilance

engineering service

Engineering Capability - Laboratory Services
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