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  • OPNOVA Intro video

    Synthesize industrial design, optical engineering and LED technology with precise beam control optics and interconnecting modules, OPNOVA is the innovative linear lighting solutions characterized by its high efficiency, uniform lighting & minimal maintenance requirements for indoor & outdoor use for most easily configurable layouts. Send us an enquiry at Click for more details:

  • Light Engine has awarded “EcoPartner” & “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” from BOCHK

    We are pleased to share that Light Engine has been awarded certificates of “EcoPartner” and “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” of the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards Programme, which is organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, aims to promote active participation in environmentally conscious practices among the manufacturing and services enterprises in Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River region to further reduce environmental footprints in these communities. We, Light Engine care about our environment. We take “Green” into consideration in all our manufacturing and production procedures. We keen on bring a better world to our society.

  • Light Engine has awarded “Family-friendly Good Employer”

    Recently Light Engine have been awarded the “Family-friendly Good Employer” of the Good Employer Charter. The Good Employer Charter of the Labour Department, HKSAR aims to encourage every employer in Hong Kong to adopt employee-oriented and progressive good human resource management practices and create a family-friendly harmonious workplace. We, Light Engine care about our people. We treasure all our staffs as they are the most important asset in our company. To bring a better world, our experts are dedicated to working on R&D for innovation & technology.

  • Light Engine received the “3+Year Award” of Industry Cares Recognition Scheme

    We are thrilled that Light Engine have been awarded recognitions in various corporate social responsibility award programs. Recently we have received the Caring Certificates on “3+Year Award” of the Industry Cares Recognition Scheme. We, Light Engine is always bringing good benefits to society and carrying corporate social responsibility to the industry. Our business model is to be the ideal ODM/OEM partner by supporting every project with a high level of engineering expertise to design, develop and manufacture world class products comply with various quality standards and regulatory requirements. Light Engine is dedicated to R & D for innovation & technology to bring a better world.

  • Portfolio of Issued Patents: AR111

    Light Engine has numerous patents on Innovation & Technology, Invention, and Optical Lens. Light Engine’s patent AR111 allows better beam consistency with controlled glare and minimal light leakage. It is a perfect retrofit solution for hospitality and retail industry. It can be on all the time, for creative accent lighting such as in restaurants, hotels, shops, exhibitions, museums or galleries. Portfolio of Issued Patents: AR111 - Non-Glare Reflective LED Lighting Apparatus with Heat Sink Mounting For more product information, please visit below page: You may also download the PDF by clicking the hyperlink below:

  • A good choice for cold storages lighting (Commercial Refrigerator)

    How to choose a good lighting for cold storages (Commercial Refrigerator)? Traditional lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent release a lot of heat increasing the cooling costs. You have to pick one that does not create too much heat. And maintenance issue is another consideration. Light Engine’s range of LED Cold Storage Lighting is a good choice that they produce little heat, use less energy and with long lifespan.

  • LED Technology Engineered Specifically For Cultivation – Horticultural Lighting

    LED Technology Engineered Specifically For Cultivation – Horticultural Lighting We aim to develop our lighting fixtures and technologies based on a holistic approach for the horticulture market with a mission to help increase green produce production with great return on investment (ROI) in an environmental yet progressive manner for the client. See more details or download the literatures by clicking the hyperlink below: #LEDTechnology #Horticulturallighting #LightEngineHK #Cabledtechnology #CabledCGS #OEM #ODM #JDM #LightingManufacturer #VerticalIntegration #urbanfarms #purplelight #croplight #sustainable #LEdlighting

  • CabLED Grow System (CGS)

    CabLED Grow System (CGS) is a versatile platform where the users can design their own spectrum and orientations for their farming system needs. The CGS system can provide continuous linear lighting applications for all angles needed for any type of vertical farm environments. Australia’s based Invertigro has successfully incorporated their product InvertiCube™ (CabLED CGS) in NASA’s Sensoria Mars Simulation project in Hawaii’s Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) habitat on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is currently being used to research in space farming and agriculture. #LEDTechnology#Horticulturallighting#LightEngineHK#Cabledtechnology#CabledCGS#OEM#ODM#JDM#LightingManufacturer#VerticalIntegration#urbanfarms#purplelight#croplight#sustainable#LEdlighting#Invertigro#InvertiCube™ #NASA’sSensoriaMarsSimulationProject #HI_SEAS#BraidedWireTechnology#LEDLinearLighting#LightEngine

  • Light Engine Industrial Park

    Light Engine is a global pioneer and leader in advanced LED technologies since 1982. Through vertical integration, continuous investment in research and development, and superior manufacturing capabilities for customized production, Light Engine has established a proven track record for bringing the best quality products to the global market. Light Engine is the most reliable partner for joint-design, joint-development and manufacturing services of products comply with various quality standards and regulatory requirements to global LED lighting leaders. Aided by Light Engine legendary green manufacturing, proprietary R&D technology and the continuous advancement, Light Engine has been the most trusted name in contract manufacturing services (including JDM, ODM & OEM) and already built up long term and close connection with the most successful LED lighting brands in the world. #LightEngineHK#OEM#ODM#JDM#LEDLighting#LightingManufacturer#VerticalIntegration

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