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A Sustainable Future, Just around the Corner

The increase of the human world's natural capabilities, and the evolution of more sustainable modes of co-existence with the world, sound like dreams, but Light Engine will make it happen. Following the rapid growth in the urban population and the subsequent increase in resource consumption, humanity will inevitably create numerous challenges. Light Engine strives to apply innovative technologies and commits to bridging the gap between sustainability targets and urban development strategies.

The Company

LIGHT ENGINE Industrial Park

Light Engine’s total 67,000sqm (1.3 million sq. ft) main manufacturing base is in China at the Zhongkai High-tech Zone in Guangdong and is currently one of the largest factories in the industry. The company has acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949.

Hong Kong R&D Center

• Research and development center

• Sustainable R&D expertise

• IP management

• ID innovations

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LIGHT ENGINE Industrial Park

Phase 1

  • Completed in 2013 provide total built-up area of 67,000 sqm (720,000 sq. ft)

  • Main building of general office, conference rooms and lecture hall

  • Solid State Lighting Certification & Testing Center

  • Solid State Lighting Experience Centre

  • Two blocks of production buildings providing   (368,000 sq.ft) of production space with high level of automation manufacturing facilities

  • Staff Building (dormitory, canteen)

Phase 2

Target to provide built-up area of 50,000sqm (538,000 sq. ft)

Sustainability Policy

The adoption of corporate social responsibility initiatives and being a responsible corporate citizen is the company’s policies. We commit to adopting sustainable development by integrating sustainability into all our business operations. We are devoted to upholding environmental protection, social responsibility, and good corporate governance. 



To be the go-to producer for intelligent LED technologies for an innovative 21st-century society



To offer a wide range of

advanced manufacturing services

that helps customers realize their product dreams



Innovative. High Standards.

Customer Driven.

Demonstrable Passion.

A High Cost Performance Ratio.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Light Engine is laying the groundwork to integrate the initiative into the company’s sustainability strategy in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Substantial efforts are put in order to resolve the related issues with non-profit organization partners. 


We observe and follow applicable environment protection laws and regulations and take proactive measures to minimize any negative impact on the environment and enhance employee awareness of environmental protection.


We observe and follow all labor laws and regulations, and we strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees. We also support meaningful community-oriented activities in partnership with our stakeholders.


We observe and follow all relevant commercial laws and regulations. We are committed to behaving with integrity, to fair business competition, and to identifying and managing potential risks.

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