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Customized Spectrum

Custom Lighting Spectrum

Light color and spectrum is the result of additive color mixing - by varying the relative amounts of each color input, the resulting SPD and chromaticity can be manipulated. A precise custom light spectrum can help optimizing the result in different activities, such as increase growth and reproduction in horticulture and livestock industry, or enhance human health and concentration.


Agricultural Lighting

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Wavelength of about 450 nm, blue light promote plant germination, and succulent plants growing.

The relationship between spectrum and plant growth


Wavelength of about 630 nm, red light promote plant photosynthesis, blooming, flowering and results.

Aquarium Lighting

RGB color mixing technology offers a range of multiple solutions for different application such as: aquariums, aqua plants, coral reefs, ornamental fish tanks, fish ponds, etc.


Human-Centric Light

Since different user segments enjoy different daily routines, thus the objectives of circadian light should be varied. A custom-made dynamic lighting solution curated by Monash University, which aims for the best of a human’s biological rhythm, also know as internal clock.

Adults, short sleepers with goal to prevent delayed circadian timing.

Elderly with limited daytime light with goal to enhance daytime light exposure for alertness & stronger circadian signal.

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