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机场绿色照明 – 香港国际机场 (HKIA)

  • Target to be one of the world’s greenest airports and a top-three environmental performer in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has adopted a diverse range of green initiatives in its daily operation and development processes.

  • While the aviation industry only accounts for 2% of the carbon emissions resulted from human activities worldwide, the HKIA community jointly made a pledge of reducing carbon emissions by 25% per workload unit years ago.  The energy saving program has been drawn and the project of replacing traditional lightings with 81,000 LED lighting units in the passenger terminals.

  • The program has undergone in August 2011, HKIA has retrofitted 24,500 lighting fixtures with LEDs to save 3.9 million kWh and 2,200 tones of carbon emissions per year. Facilities/locations has completely retrofitted with LEDs include directional signs in Terminal, general line in Baggage Reclaim Hall and T1 Automated People Mover (APM) platforms.

  • The Hong Kong International Airport has retrofit high power metal halide floodlights with LEDs with power consumption greater than 100W. This project achieved at least 40% energy saving while maintaining good performance of the lighting system in terms of illuminance level and uniformity and provide a comfortable environment for the passengers. The deployment of high power LED is a significant milestone in the development of LED as the present domestic market only focuses on small power LED.

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