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Our critical problem – the depletion of the world’s natural resources. The problem was never solved, indeed, becoming more serious. Light Engine is aware of it and strives to apply innovative technologies, in order to increase the human world’s natural capabilities, bridging the gap between sustainability targets and urban development strategies.


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Innovations in Agriculture & Poultry

Feeding the world sustainability

Light Engine applies technologies and creates products for the horticulture market with a mission to help increase green product production with great return on investment (ROI) in an environmental yet progressive manner.

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Customized Spectrum. Optimizing Crops

Lighting is an essential element for plant growth. The most commonly used spectrum includes red (R), white (W), and blue (B) lights that are highly active for photosynthesis. The effect of R, W and B spectral components on plant physiology and biochemistry and resource use efficiency were studied during an experiment in a deep cycle hydroponic tray system.


Increase production rates and raise
healthy poultry

Lighting is one of the most important farming inputs influencing the production of meat, egg production, and other protein sources. Also, the spectrum of light plays a crucial role in incubation and raising healthy chicks, ducks, and turkeys.

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Smart Control for Energy Efficiency

Service providers like the petrol stations are consuming 24/7 electricity on lighting. Integrating the network into a wireless control protocol provides flexibility to schedule the light and dim down when not necessary for energy saving.


Combat virus for a cleaner environment

Sanitization and disinfection are becoming a norm for humans within city infrastructure, and residential and commercial applications in the post-Covid-19 world. UV-C LED’s efficiency is gradually catching up with the market.

Office buildings by night

Light source 3.0 for commercial
and hospitality

Converting conventional lighting to retrofit energy-saving solutions to support sustainability, and people wellness initiatives, improve productivity, help reinforce your brand to clients, and most important, help save up to 75% of your energy use and costs.