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Wall Mount 20ms Low Frequency Sounder Strobe

Light Engine is a world renowned manufacturer that provides the highest quality OEM/ODM services
to customers around the world. We are UL 1971 listed LED strobe maker to produce a 20ms strobe
in compliance with the 2016 edition NFPA72 Chapter 18.
Light Engine’s advanced LED Strobe technology provides an efficient and cost effective way to meet
various international standards such as NFPA72 (2016 edition) Chapter 18 and the requirements of
ADAAG for equal facilitation for the hearing impaired.

Features & Benefits

UL1971, UL1638, ULC-S526 and UL464,ULC-S525
20ms pulse duration to meet the new requirement of NFPA72 (2016 editon)
Low Current Draw
High power cool white LED used
Flexible optic design to meet or exceed the light output on vertical and horizontal dispersion (Patent pending)
520Hz+10% square wave tone
Candela setting: 110cd output
Audible tone settings: Continuous / Temporal 3 / Temporal 4

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Wall Mount Series

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