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Light Engine Ltd. (Optiled) donates UV-C Air Sanitizers to the "Against Child Abuse"

Apr 14, 2022

GP Industries Associate to Acquire Light Engine Limited for $140 Million

Apr 08, 2022

Light Engine has awarded "10 years+ Caring Company Award"

Jun 03, 2021

Light Engine participated in the first annual ICUDAS to promote and share the knowlegde of UV-C technology

Dec 04, 2021

A scalable, affordable and user-friendly automation solution that is compatible with various lighting control protocols

Dec 01, 2020

OPNOVA Intro video

Nov 04, 2020

Light Engine has awarded certificates of “EcoPartner” and “5 Years+ EcoPioneer” of the BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards Programme

Oct 30, 2020

Light Engine has awarded the “Family-friendly Good Employer” of the Good Employer Charter

Oct 27, 2020

Light Engine has received the Caring Certificates on “3+Year Award” of the Industry Cares Recognition Scheme

Oct 22, 2020

Light Engine Video is available at YouTube

Jul 31, 2014