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REAL CLEAN Air Sanitizer (White)

The REAL CLEAN UV-C air sanitizer applies three 253.7nm UV-C lamps providing 14.7W of strong UV-C radiant output. This effectively breaks down the DNA and RNA of airborne pathogens and prevents them from reproducing and multiplying. It is proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold spores quickly and effectively.

Features & Benefits

1-Second virus exterminator

Powerful 6000µW/cm² UV-C radiation eliminates viruses in just one second

High UV-C reflection for more efficient sanitizing

Hexagonal design with high UV-C reflection material boosts the efficiency of sanitizing.

Quick sanitization

Sterilizes up to 380ft² completely air in one hour.

Safety design

A built-in safety switch turns off the UV-C light in case of incorrect installation, so the light does not reach the eyes or skin.

Maximizes the sanitizing efficiency of different area

4-level fan speed adjusts for different environments.

Saves energy

4-level timer automatically switches off after sanitizing is complete

Low maintenance cost

REALCLEAN can save up to 15% of annual maintenance costs compared with air purifiers that require frequent filter changes.

Robust & durable

The UV-resistant metal casing makes this more durable than UV-C devices with plastic casings.

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