Smart Linear

The ultra-slim, sleek-designed smart light strip with a 2000SF light profile is flexible enough to be installed in virtually any spaces you can imagine.

Features & Benefits

Light options at your fingertip

The dimmable LED Smart Linear can be adjusted from warm white to cool white, via the

remote-controlled WIZ app.

Designed for ultimate eye comfort

The light strip delivers a steady uniform illumination for ultimate eye comfort.

Control lighting from anywhere

Control the light remotely via an mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android.

Waterproof & Weatherproof

Despite exposure under direct sunlight and extreme weathers, CabLED will not deteriorate, making it perfect for all weather conditions. It is perfect for outdoor and underwater applications.

Outstand in harsh environment

Tested and certified to resist high pulling force, twisting force without cracking. It is perfect to install in harsh environments.

Braid wire technology applied

The design of braid wire embedded in CabLED’s LED linear has incredible advantages which brings better quality and higher durability, reduces labor cost and saves much time.

Excellent heat dissipation

The braided wire conducts heat much fast than the PCB, spreads the heat energy along the braid wire quickly, gets rid of localized heat generated by the components or LED.

Fantastic power management

High current carried braid-wire helps the distributing power for long LED linear product, minimizes number of power supply connection joins. This improves connectivity reliability and reduces cost of installation. This provides better durability and reliability.

Long length

Limited in length conventional linear lighting faces difficulty in interconnection resulting in time-consuming and tedious installation procedures. CabLED solves this problems using the revolutionary patented braided wire technology. It offers a continuous run solution which requires no soldering.

Numerous of awards, patents, certifications

CabLED has met the most stringent international quality and reliability standards withstanding comprehensive tests in accredited laboratory.

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