Why a joint development and manufacturing cooperation
with Light Engine?

Global pioneer and leader

Light Engine is a global pioneer and leader in advanced LED technologies. Through vertical integration, continuous investment in research and development, and superior manufacturing capabilities for customized production, Light Engine has established a proven track record for bringing the best quality products to the Global market.

Organic farm for field-test in Southern California

Light Engine has an in-house organic farm in San Diego Terra Madre Garden in Southern California to test the optimal growth levels of different plants in terms of reliable and consistent yields, and to determine the most effective spectrum for each growth phase.

Deep-rooted knowledge of crops

Light Engine is collaborating with the professional greenhouse and horticultural lighting researchers in the Netherland, joint force to invent advanced light products  with specific spectrum that optimize crops yields.

International quality with commitment

Light Engine is committed to make your brand successful and to build together with you a mutual fruitful long-term cooperation, with international quality product and service.


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Previous Projects for Horticultural Lights

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CabLED Grow System

Feature 3 bespoke designs: Rack, Vertical 360 and Interlighting

Pool & Spa Lighting.jpg

Dragon Bulb Grow Light

Features unique DRAGON Technology


Leaf 1000W Grow Fixture

Engineered with custom optics