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Why a joint development and manufacturing cooperation
with Light Engine?

Global pioneer and leader

Light Engine has established a proven track record for bringing the best quality products to the Global market. it is a global pioneer and leader in advanced LED technologies. Through vertical integration, continuous investment in research and development, and superior manufacturing capabilities for customized production

Manufacturer for top-tier brand

Light Engine has developed circadian lighting products to global brands in US and China.

Professional collaboration in Australia

Light Engine is collaborating with a professor from the Australia University who specialized in human-technology interaction, joint force to invent advanced human-centric lighting products that help tailoring light wavelengths, together with light intensity and color temperatures to achieve intended treatments or applications.

International quality with commitment

Light Engine is committed to make your brand successful and to build together with you a mutual fruitful long-term cooperation, with international quality product and service.


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Previous Circadian Lighting Projects

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Vortex Series (coming soon)

color, temperature, and dimming controls