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We make differences

💡We make differences

With 40+ years of pursuit of excellence and dedication in R&D and manufacturing, Light Engine optimizes all projects with the best-in-class elements.

1. Best on Cost - We have the most extensive sourcing network globally, which allows comparing and sourcing of the best-in-value parts to optimize BOM costs.

2. Best on Time - We are capable of shortening the sourcing time due to close-relationship with suppliers. Meanwhile, our 2,000sqm Solid-State Lighting Certification & Testing Center helps test the feasibility of the studies to optimize the development schedule.

3. Best on Assurance - Our laboratory is recognized as Intertek's Satellite Laboratory and is "Energy Star" accredited. In addition, the laboratory is recognized by UL & CE WTDP and IEC62471, ensuring that every project will be successfully certified.

4. Best on Quality - We have an R&D center and laboratory officially accredited by the "China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment" to ensure that every project we manage can deliver best-in-class quality.

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