NOVA OPTICS™ Flex Waterproof

The Nova Optics Flex (NOF) range offers surface/wall-mounted flexible light strips with a unique linear optics platform that provides 4 different beam angles which are perfect for wall washing, façade grazing (outdoors), or cove lighting (indoors).  The system is lightweight, simple to install, and durable with an unparalleled lighting performance.  With IP67, the NOF range will withstand most atmospheric and environment conditions such as salt, ultraviolet light, direct power wash and most resistive to oxidative deterioration.

Features & Benefits

Industry leading in size to efficacy ratio at < 0.31” tall.
Unparalleled color over angle consistency.
Hidden source illumination with powerful and precise beam control:
15° x 15°  |  20° x 45°  |  45° x 20°  |  Asymmetric
IP67 and IP40 for interior and exterior luminaire design and extrusion systems.
Constant Current or Constant Voltage electrical design options.
5-year warranty.
<3 SDCM.
Efficacy of: 83 to 105 lumens per watt.