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  • Ingenious Color Mixing Technology
  • A range of multiple solutions for different applications
  • Specially designed LED Lighting fixture tailor-made for horticulture industry

Integration of UV-C and LED technology, facing this post covid-19 phase, it’s becoming more and more essential

CabLED® is a patented LED linear strip which designed for indirect lighting applications.
It combines Cable and LED technologies providing exclusive multi-disciplinary features in one product.

Synthesize industrial design, optical engineering and LED technology with precise beam control optics and interconnecting modules, OPNOVA is the innovative linear lighting solutions characterized by its high efficiency, uniform lighting & minimal maintenance requirements for indoor & outdoor use for most easily configurable layouts.

  • Full range of omni-directional bulbs and high efficiency MR16 range
  • Wide variety LED Tube range with highest efficiency and quality standards
  • The most comprehensive LED downlights range with latest LED technology and ultra low-glare optical performance
  • Compatibility of different lighting control protocols
  • Self-developed integrated ESS (Energy Saving System)
  • Street light energy management solutions
  • Wireless connected lighting

The LED Visible Notification Appliances provide a highly visible evacuation message to alert and direct building occupants to the shortest and safest survival pathway in case of an emergency situation.

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