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This is the first of a running series of articles about the development of standards , research and innovation for visible notification appliances. Each month we will provide an update of developments in these areas to help inform our readers about the latest technology, research and product developments.
November 09, 2016
Light Engine Hosted UL1971 Pulse Duration Task Group for the second round of testing

During September 19 to 21 2016, Light Engine hosted the UL 1971 Pulse Duration Task Group for the second round of testing at the unique one-of-a-kind precision controlled ambient lighting laboratory at our Huizhou China Factory. The purpose of the visit was to develop statistically significant data to drive the development of UL 1971 the Standard for Signaling for the Hearing Impaired and development of a Public Comment for the next edition of NFPA 72 Chapter 18 Notification Appliances for the installation of Notification Appliances for the Hearing Impaired.

The utilization of the Huizhou China facility provided a unique opportunity to test a large diverse population in a tightly controlled environment that eliminated many variables that typically plague such testing. Light Engine was willing and able to provide resources and supply test subjects for this important work that will result in enhanced life safety and a new opportunity for the fire alarm industry. This facility is specially designed for this type of testing, a large population could be tested in a relatively short time.

UL was assisted in this testing by a contributor from major brand of Fire and Safety industry and Leo Wong, Quality Manager of Light Engine facilitated the set up and the control instrumentation and collected the data. Light Engine is honored and proud to have been part of this very important work that will establish performance and installation requirements in both the UL and NFPA Standards.

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