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RGB+W LED Combination
Patented RGB+W LED combination technology reproduce impeccable whites, offering truly eye-catching and compelling visual quality. It also delivers an ultra-high brightness of up to 5,000 nits, the new MCS is ideal for locations with high intensity ambient light.
Slim and Lightweight
The cover-molding casing making MCS to be ultra-slim and lightweight; each panel weights only 18.7kgs and has a depth of 56mm, which can greatly lower the cost of installation and structure fabrication.
Incredibly Energy Efficiency
MCS is 20% lower power consumption than conventional LED panels.
Fully weather protected(include UV, V0) and waterproof IP65 by patented cover molding.
MCS’s framing system is designed to withstand the storm (level 10 of beaufort wind scale, i.e wind speed reach 89-102km/hr), ensuring the safety in the worst weather.
Cost Effective
MCS’s hook structure design allow the most straightforward installation, by just hanging it up on an existing structure. Its basic initial set up is also simple and fast, just 4 steps from connect the cable to play a video on the MCS.
Quick and Easy Installation
MCS Series is an economical option for the outdoor digital signage market. As well as helping to boost sales, it facilitates a quick ROI (return on investment) by increasing brand publicity, advertising and displaying promotional messages.
Flexible Management System- ControlFlex
MCS models include ControlFlex software, providing an easy way to create and publish content and presentation layout by using the visual-based mobile UI or the feature-rich computer UI. All MCS models are wifi-enabled for content management and scheduling administration tools.

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