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Horticultural Lighting Solutions

Our Mission in Horticultural Lighting

We aim to develop our lighting fixtures and technologies based on a holistic approach for the horticulture market with a mission to help increase green produce production with great return on investment (ROI) in an environmental yet progressive manner for the client.


  • Selected Spectrum for Optimum Growth:
    Our technologically selected spectrum ensures that only light within the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) region is provided to ensure optimal growth within each growth phase for each plants type.
  • PAR Comparison:

    Compared to the tradition HPS lighting, LED can be safely recycled with low carbon footprint, and designed with better optics and specific without wasting energy and power for undesirable and scattered light.
  • Light Intensity:
    In horticultural applications, Light Engine intensifies the grow light in the right spectrum to provide sufficient intensity and optimal spread for maximum production within limited spaces.

  • Optical Flexibility:

    Light Engine offers a wide range of optical designs to suit most growing requirements. Smooth and uniformed lighting can bring more consistent produce deliverables with positive and reliable expectations.

  • Heat Management:
    The Patented DRAGON® Technologies and CabLED® Technologies lessen the heat and increase the overall savings.

  • Energy Savings:
    Compared to traditional sources, LED Lighting saves up to 40% energy. That Light Engine creates the efficient and the economical LED lighting products in the market.

    Long Life:
    LEDs last an average of 35,000 hours while reducing both energy and maintenance costs due to frequently changing rapidly degrading traditional lamps.

  • Smart Product Design:
    In the industrial designs process of each project thorough research is to make sure the lighting elements are being effectively presented and the mechanical elements would fit and cater to all customers’ needs.

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