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LED Strobe Series (LED Horn Strobes, Strobes & Horns)

Light Engine’s range of LED Horn Strobes, Strobes & Horns feature advanced product design and best-in-class LED technology to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to meeting the requirements of NFPA 72-2016 Chapter 18.

The LED Strobe is 20ms LED Strobe listed to the UL1971 standard.

Customization options include special lettering / casing and color choices, to fulfill flexibility on customers’ OEM / ODM specification requests.

Features :

  • Field selectable candela settings : 15 / 30/ 75 / 110 cd
  • Multiple audible settings : Temporal 3 or continuous horn output(Temporal 4 setting is upon request)
  • Slide switch setting selection : no tool required for setting changes
  • Built in self synchronization or any specified protocol
  • In/out screw terminals suitable for #12 to #18 AWG wires
  • Unique state of the art optical design for near perfect replication of UL 1971
    polar light distribution
  • Professional acoustic engineering expertise for optimal sound quality
  • High reliability and exceptional long life
  • Approvals & compliance : UL 1971, UL464, ULC-S525 and ULC-S526,OSFM Listed
  • RoHS compliant

20ms Strobe, 120VAC

Our 120V strobe is designed with flexibility in mind. UL Listed, and meeting all applicable local safety requirements, the 120V strobe can be used as a stand-alone device, or connected to an applicable smoke or gas detector allowing for visual recognition of a trouble condition. The unit is supplied with a quick connect (connector with #18 AWG wiring), or upon request, a 3 wire terminal connection option. If using the 120V strobe with a listed smoke or gas detector, the unit must first undergo 3rd party compatibility testing to ensure local safety compliance requirements are met.


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Sync Module

The Light Engine Sync Module is designed to provide operation of synchronized strobe flashes and synchronized alarm output patterns (Temporal 3 or 4) on Light Engine manufactured Strobe, Horn, and Horn Strobe products.


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