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20ms Low Frequency Sounders Strobes

Light Engine’s 20ms Low Frequency Sounders Strobes meet the sleeping room requirements of NFPA 72 and NFPA720. Simple direct retrofit for existing appliances by utilizing the existing single pair of wires. As current consumption is significantly lower than legacy devices, there are no power supply or battery calculation worries.

Customization options include special lettering / casing and color choices to fulfill flexibility on customers’ OEM / ODM specification requests.

Features :

  • 110 candela setting
  • Meets 520 Hz sounder codes for sleeping areas :
    o Temporal 3 - NFPA72 for fire alam setting
    o Temporal 4 - NFPA720 for CO alarm setting
  • Energy Efficient : LED technology provides 20ms pulse duration at low current draw
  • Synchronized strobe
  • In/out screw terminals suitable for #12 to #18 AWG wires
  • Unique state of the art optical design for near perfect replication of UL 1971
    polar light distribution
  • Professional acoustic engineering expertise for optimal sound quality
  • High reliability and exceptional long life
  • Approvals & compliance : UL 1971, UL464, ULC-S525 and ULC-S526
  • RoHS compliant
  • Flexible optic design to meet or exceed the light output on vertical and horizontal dispersion(Patent Pending).