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What is CabLED®?

CabLED® technology is an innovative crossover of the Cable and LED Technology with leading edge thermal management and optical evenness. CabLED® adapts the cable technology which offers a continuous run solution that resolves the headache for a lengthy application and interconnection problems and timeliness.

CabLED® Technology uses a connection system which requires non soldering type interconnections for greater durability and reliability. CabLED®’s custom designed connector allows easy cut and reconnect solutions for tailor made extendable application. By streamlining the number of components for a minimal design, CabLED® provides greater flexibility for more creative application adaptation.


Innovative crossover of the Cable and LED Technology
Optical evenness and flexibility
Leading edge heat management
Durable and reliable
Weather & waterproof
Easy cut and reconnect with range of connectors
Flame retardant
UV proof
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