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September 15, 2012
Huizhou Light Engine Central Lab is now an Intertek-recognized Satellite Testing Lab
Following the earlier accreditation as an approved Energy Star testing laboratory, Huizhou Light Engine Central Lab has passed the most stringent criteria to become an approved Intertek's Satellite Testing Lab. On September 10, 2012, we are honoured by the presence of the General Manager of Intertek Hong Kong, Daniel Yau, at our office in Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks to present the recognition to us. This is our moment of glory in which our professionalism and service excellence are celebrated and endorsed by the international authority.

As an Intertek-recognized laboratory with a wealth of world-class technical capabilities, we are qualified for conducting testing related to four key areas of Energy Star program, namely optoelectronic & photometric measurement, safety measurement, product reliability test and product lift test. On rare occasions, our findings are taken as official by Intertek for public release. In particular, our expertise in optoelectronic & photometric measurement is so uncommon across the globe that it serves as a strong testimony to our technical competences. .

Furthermore, we are proud to be one of the two LED lighting manufacturers in China and Hong Kong to earn such goodwill. We, being the bellwether in the market, do not hesitate to make huge investment in the setup of the top-of-the-class laboratory using ISO17025 lab management system and Energy Star-compliant hi-end equipment. Above all, we select only the best of the best into our technician team. This is to ensure that our testing and quality assurance processes are in the hands of industry experts and that they fully comply with the strict standards laid out by international authorities, ultimately earning a track record of high credibility in our testing and product quality assurance. .

Huizhou Light Engine has been leading the LED lighting market in the realms of product R&D, manufacturing and sales. Currently, we are the biggest exporter of general LED lighting in China. Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and industrial lighting are the most significant amongst our lineup of innovative products. Our home-grown brand of LED lighting, OPTILED, has soon become the highlight of the international market since its launch a few years ago, reinforcing our leadership in the industry. Our technical achievements and expertise in R&D and manufacturing have been earning us accreditations and professional recognitions from all around the world. With R&D and eco-friendliness at the core of our business, we take the recognition from Intertek as a critical milestone. We will not stand still but will always strive for perfection in every aspect of our operations, making life-changing contribution to the mankind.
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