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January 15, 2012
Light Engine Awarded 2011 China’s Excellent Enterprise in Semiconductor Lighting Industry
(REVIEW January 9, 2012) The renowned China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) for the first time launched the “2011 China Semiconductor Lighting Excellent Enterprises Award”, with the award presentation ceremony was held in Beijing Pangu Plaza Hotel. Light Engine’s in-house brand OPTILED was awarded “Excellent Enterprise” and the brand’s General Manager – Sales David Lv attended the ceremony. Four awards were presented: “The Top Progressive Enterprise”, “The Most Innovative Enterprise”, “The Enterprise with the Highest Potential” and “The Excellent Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Foreign Enterprise”

The representatives from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and over a hundred semiconductor lighting enterprises, as well as many industrial experts graced the ceremony. The market experts remark that the Award, with legitimacy and authority, stands for high industrial reference. The industrial sectors, placing high expectation on the Alliance’s award, look forward to its genuine work of idea collection and future trend development, as well as benchmark establishment. The Award, an outstanding platform demonstrating the integrated strength and vitality of various brands, promotes the steady development of semiconductor lighting industry.

Mr Thomas Chaung , Deputy General Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing of Light Engine is very pleased about this honour. “The award presented to OPTILED, is the recognition of our hard work and an encouragement to all our team members. We are committed to striving to enhance the professionalism of LED lighting industry, as well as improve the benefits for all customers. We will continue our investment in our R & D projects to build a quality “OPTILED” brand.”

Mr Ruan Jun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) states that there is huge potential for China’s LED lighting market in the next 5 years with an estimated market value of 500 billion RMB when reaching 2015. “China Solid State Lighting Alliance, having this new development opportunity, will work as an ‘engine’ to stimulate market creativity with open attitude, scientific system, professional and efficient service. The ‘2011 China Semiconductor Lighting Excellent Enterprises Award’ serves the same purpose as the National Development and Reform Commission’s ‘The Lead Runner’s Standard’ – to establish benchmark for the industry, to encourage and facilitate enterprises to innovate and progress. It will eventually promote the steady and healthy development of the LED lighting industry.

OPTILED and the industrial leaders, with great expectation towards the LED lighting industry, look forward to brightening up the life of all the citizens and wishing the best for their good health. In 2012, OPTILED continues to promote the green world concept, focusing on the creation of healthy lighting products for the bright future of the world.
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