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January 06, 2012
Light Engine is honored to accept an award for being one of the first strategic technological bases in Guangdong.
On 5 January 2012 the Guangdong Development and Reformation Conference was held in Guangzhou. The purpose of the meeting was to promote national development and reformation. The meeting summarized the work which was planned to be undertaken in and the priorities for 2012.

A highlight of the meeting was the signing ceremony for the emerging industries financial cooperation agreement. An important speech was delivered by the Acting Governor of the Provincial Committee, Mr. Zhu Xiaodan. The meeting was presided over by Vice Governor Chen Yunyin.

The purpose of the meeting was to call for the Guangdong Province Development and Reform Committee to progress and implement its plans and systems for the years arrangements including scientific planning and constant work and efforts to promote the development of new achievements.

At the meeting, Mr. Tang Hao, the Chief Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Government presented the ‘A Strategic Decision for the Ratification of the first new industry base in Guangdong Province’.

The LED lighting industry was represented by optoelectronic company Light Engine and several other companies. Light Engine was one of the first businesses to receive the Guangdong Province Award for Strategic Emerging Industries. Light Engine LED Technology was recognized as the most innovative and forward looking strategic industry. This was strongly supported and affirmed by the leadership of the Provincial Government after a rigorous evaluation by Government experts who are involved in the emerging industrial base projects.

Managing Director Mr. Shi Yucan, and Vice General Manager Mr. Zhang Xiaolin attended the award ceremony. They accepted the honour for establishing a new strategic industry in Guangdong Province as being the first LED lighting business. Light Engine will fully cooperate with the Government and its strategy is consistent with the Government’s in the area of industry development and the promotion of LED lighting as a green technology which will create a clean and harmonious society.
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