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CabLED Grow Light System (CGS)

The latest CGS Grow Light System is a FULL spectrum system that is flame retardant, waterproof, dust-resistant, and offers better heat dissipation. The aluminum extrusion sleeves extend the light strip perfectly and can be mounted easily to accommodate any horticultural environment.  

Features & Benefits

Highly weather-resistant

The unique silicone jacket of CGS achieves an IP67 rating, which is both waterproof and dust-resistant.

Better heat dissipation

The silicon jacket diverts heat away quickly thus maintaining the efficiency of the LED light strip and extending its durability.

Lower surface temperature, safer for plants

The hollow structure design keeps the low surface temperature of the light strip, 15  to 20°C is lower than other grow light strips to avoid burning the leaf of the plants.


The CGS uses a silicone case with a non-flammable coating treatment. This raises the flame retardant level to V0 grade which most other TPU light strips cannot achieve. 

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