The PFOD (Power Failure On-Demand) LED Bulb has a built-in power failure replacement bulb with power failure detection and an on/off switchable back-up battery lighting for any power outage.

The PFOD BR30 LED bulb provides extended light hours of up to 2 hours at 80% light output during a power failure as it can be switched on or off as needed.

Features & Benefits

In Power Failure (PF) Mode the lamp’s brightness and CCT will change:

It can replace any existing 40 or 65-watt bulbs with the E26 lamp cap

The built-in battery recharges during normal use and will be fully charged with 16 hours of use

Long life span up to 30,000 hours (excluding rechargeable battery)

Easy use with existing fixtures - NO WIRING REQUIRED

Compability with a single or multiple bulbs on the same circuit

Two stage lighting

A19 LED Bulb -

Normal Use: 500 lumens, 2700K
Power Failure: 80 lumens, 6500K

BR30 LED Bulb -

Normal Use: 600 lumens, 2700K
Power Failure: 70 lumens, 6500K

Normal use:​

Switch ON -> Light On

Switch OFF -> Light & PF Mode off

Power Failure:

Activate Power Failure (PF) Mode automatically with 80 lumens light output lasts for maximum 2 hours at 80% light output

During a power outage, the PFOD switch technology allows for normal usage of light by simply turning ON or OFF at the switch.

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